Earn money on logo projects

Competition platforms for graphic designs are becoming more and more popular in our country. For many people it is a great method to earn a salary. Learn how social graphic design platforms work and start earning money.

Wondering what are social design services? These are platforms that allow you to announce a competition for a given project, then everyone interested in taking part in the competition creates a project for you. You can decide for yourself which of the projects will turn out to be the winner.

What projects can you commission in this way?

The most popular work commissioned on such platforms is logo design. It is the logotype that is the most frequently commissioned graphic design. This is not surprising, because if someone does not have an idea for their own logo, they will be happy to see a rich collection of proposals proposed by the participants of the competition. Also, making a logo is relatively easy compared to other graphic designs. The second place in terms of popularity of orders are competitions for the name of the company. Their popularity results from the same reasons as the popularity of competitions for logotype designs.


Does it pay off?

Social media design platforms are currently the most cost-effective way to obtain cheap and good quality graphic design. Thanks to the platforms of graphic competitions, you have the opportunity to obtain unique graphics tailored to your individual needs in a convenient, fast and, above all, cheap way. Apart from the logotype and company name, you can also obtain designs of leaflets, business cards, packaging, labels, t-shirts, posters and many other graphic designs necessary for running a business.

From a graphic point of view

It’s also worthwhile for social design platform designers to practice their skills, enrich their portfolios and gain insight into the level of work of other designers. Therefore, such platforms are an excellent way for any graphic designer to permanently and effectively improve their skills and qualifications. So, if you’re a computer graphic designer, you can boldly start using social design platforms, the awards in logo design contests often exceed $1,000.

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