Does your company have a holiday plan in place

Not every employer knows that some companies are obliged by law to plan their holidays. This is the document on the basis of which employees take their holidays. The plan is very helpful in a situation when there are many people working in the company and it is necessary to create a clear vacation schedule. What do you need to keep in mind when preparing your holiday plan?

Why is it worth planning your holidays?

Apart from the requirements of labour law, a leave plan is also simply a very practical solution from the point of view of an employer (not necessarily employees). It avoids situations where several people working in the same area of activity suddenly want to get leave in the same period.

The vacation schedule also helps to avoid tensions in the team. Employees can agree in advance on the most desirable holiday dates, so as not to quarrel about it, so as not to bother their supervisor with their problems.

How to create a holiday plan?

A holiday plan can be drawn up for any period of time, most often one year or six months. The employer must submit the project by 31 December. The plan shall take into account all days to which the staff member is entitled, whether current or arrears. This does not apply, of course, to leave on demand, which is granted unilaterally by the worker on a corresponding date.

The plan must be drawn up in such a way that each employee can choose at least 14 days of holiday at a time. If the employee is not able to determine when he will need the time off, the employer can do so for him.

Leave plans must include all employees: including those on sick leave, those returning from unpaid leave, maternity or parental leave, as well as those who, because of their short experience, have not yet acquired holiday rights.

Once the plan has been agreed and accepted, it should be the only basis for granting leave to employees. In addition, the employer may stipulate in the regulations that the employee must submit an appropriate holiday application to the staff.

Not everyone has to

The preparation of a holiday plan is not obligatory for companies in which the company’s trade union organisation has not been established. Entrepreneurs who have obtained the consent of a trade union may also resign from it.

An employer who is not obliged to make a leave plan may grant days off to employees on the basis of normal leave requests.

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