Creating the company’s image ie how to build a positive image of your own brand

Creating the company’s image, i.e. how to build a positive image of one’s own brand?
With company image building there is a bit like preparing to travel – if you don’t know what your destination is and where you want to get there, no matter what means of transport you use to travel, you won’t know if you’re heading in the right direction or not. Therefore, think carefully about how you want to promote your company. If you start well, many things will be easier for you later…
You will find out in 6 steps: What is a company’s mission and vision? How to use the mission and vision of the company in building its image? Why is a name important for a company in building its image? What should be the catchy name for a company? What are the most common errors when creating a company name? What is a visual identification system? How to create a company logo? What are the features of a good company logo? How to build a positive image of a company on the Internet? How to plan customer service legally? What does the legal protection of one’s own brand offer? Where and how can I register a trade mark?
Develop the mission and vision of your company If you want to promote your company, you need to start from scratch, i.e. by defining the mission and vision of your company. How you think about yourself and how you perceive your own company has a huge impact on how your customers will perceive you. what you want to communicate and how you want to stand out in the market. read more
Develop a catchy and secure name for your business name is often key to building a positive image of your business. Find out what a catchy name for a company should be, and what formal and technical requirements it should meet. Also learn about the most common errors in name creation that can negatively affect your image. read more
If you already have a company name of your choice, you need to show it somehow – you need to create an attractive and memorable logo that will distinguish your brand on the market. In the next step you should develop at least a few elements of your company’s visual identification and possibly a sign book. read more
Build a positive image of the company on the Internet One of the key areas of building a positive image of the company is the Internet. Without buying your own domain and building a website you are not really on the Internet. In the next stage, take care of your image in social media, build your image like a specialist in social networking sites, discussion forums or run your own blog. read more
Make a good first impression on your customers The right customer service is essential. Get to know the 10 commandments of proper customer service, the Dress Code principles in the company and learn how to properly organize a shop or an office. Don’t forget the right lighting, aroma and possibly music. read more
Protect your brand – reserving your brand name, logo, and domain name is your treasure. You care about your image, you spent a lot of money on promotion and advertising, thanks to which your company has an established position. But what if one day it turns out that your brand is no longer yours? Learn how to protect your own brand and how to register a trademark.

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