Cosplay or fashion to be sb

Cosplay is a phenomenon that many people have heard about, but they don’t know much about what it really is. This fashion was born already in the 1930s in the United States (not in Japan) and spread all over the world. Cosplay is about dressing up as a favorite character of a movie, comic book or computer game in such a way as to be assimilated to it as much as possible.

Cosplay is more than just fashion.

As we mentioned, the USA is considered to be the home of cosplay, because it was there that the first edition of the World Science Fiction Convention took place in 1939, where people dressed up as their favourite heroes, mainly from comics, appeared. Nowadays, the real area of cosplay culture is Japan, where gigantic events for fans of dressing-up take place, and the fashion itself has long since crossed the border of ordinary curiosity. This is something much more important.

Cosplayer is a real profession for many people. Masters of various forms of incarnation have hundreds of thousands of fans in social media, popular channels on YouTube, thanks to which they earn a lot of money on their passion.

Can it be regarded as fashion?

Very much. Many cosplay costumes are real works of art, which a leading fashion house would not be ashamed of. Cosplayers are very committed to preparing their outfits and take care of even the smallest detail – that’s why the whole thing is so impressive.

Of course, cosplay is not only about clothing, but also make-up, hairstyle, proper movement, even smell. The idea is to become as similar as possible to the original, and the better it is, the greater the chance of international success and recognition in the industry.

Cosplay slowly ceases to be treated as a fad and innocent game. “The “big” fashion world has noticed how important this trend is and sometimes it smugles elements of this world during shows or designing new collections.

Dressing up as a character from a comic book or a computer game is also a great idea to stand out in the crowd during the event. No wonder that all over the world, too, special shops with ready-made cosplay clothes are being built.

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