Classic TurnOnly and Tilt&Turn windows are boredom Make sure you have something special about it

“Good morning, I wanted to order windows” – this is how a conversation usually begins with a consultant from a window joinery company. Its final in our country is practically always the same. The investor chooses classic Tilt&Turn windows. Is this wrong? Absolutely not. However, it is worth knowing that the world does not end on such windows. You can choose from many more solutions – more interesting, aesthetic and functional. Some of them will be presented in our guide.
English windows
They are also called sash windows. Their characteristic feature is that they only open upwards and downwards. This mechanism is well known, for example, from American films. English windows are standard in Anglo-Saxon countries. They are made of wood (glued pine or oak).
The opening system, which is unusual for us, turns out to be very functional. It allows you to fully use the windowsill (there is no need to remove anything from it in order to open the window) or place a desk under the window. The attractive appearance is also an advantage, perfectly suited to buildings with classic buildings.
French windows
They are characterized by a very unusual (at least for us) format. Traditional French windows are tall and narrow, often reaching from the floor to the ceiling. This is due to the typical development of French cities, which is very tight. In order to avoid the effect of shading the rooms, the architects invented shooting windows, which ensure proper illumination of the interiors of the apartments.
French windows are perfect for historic style houses, tenement houses and palace residences. They are also characterised by the fact that they always have a movable centre post, so that they can be opened “into space”.
Scandinavian windows
For an average Pole, they are so unusual that it is difficult for us to believe in their functionality. However, it is the Scandinavian windows that can be regarded as a model of ergonomics. After all, the Scandinavians are famous for their pragmatic and utilitarian approach to architecture and design.
What is the difference between these windows? Because it opens up… outdoors. This patent has specific reasons. In the Scandinavian countries, very strong winds are the norm, lasting all year round. Due to the fact that the windows open outwards, the wind presses them against the frame and thus improves their tightness.
In addition, Scandinavian windows allow you to make the most of the available space in the room. After opening they do not take up space (windowsills can be used or e.g. a sink with a high battery underneath the window), provide good illumination, increase the effectiveness of ventilation.
So there is something to choose from. Remember, however, that windows must be both comfortable to use and well matched to the architecture of the building.

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