Can an employee disclose the amount of his or her earnings

Being an employer is a heavy piece of bread. One of the key tasks facing an entrepreneur who employs people is to ensure a good atmosphere in the workplace. The most common bone of contention between employees is the pay gap. That is why many employers explicitly demand that their employees do not betray their salaries to the rest of the team. It is worth knowing that such a request has no legal justification. This does not mean, however, that an employee can boast about his or her earnings to the left and right. You can read more about this in our guide.

Secrecy of remuneration: no such term exists

The Labour Code does not specify in any way whether an employer may demand that its employees keep the amount of remuneration secret. He may ask them to do so in order to ensure a good atmosphere or to avoid internal conflicts.

However, if John boasts his desk colleague next to him that he has received a pay-rise, it is not a violation of his employees’ duties. There are no grounds, therefore, for imposing a penalty of punishment on a staff member, let alone for applying the procedure of disciplinary dismissal.

To whom can an employee not disclose his or her earnings?

Absolutely to people from outside the company. An employee has no right to walk on the street and announce that he earns so much and so. They are also not allowed to inform people who are not employed in the company, but who, for example, apply for a job in the company and conduct an interview on their earnings.

This can be seen as revealing the company’s secrets, which is a serious violation of employees’ obligations. The employer may then impose a fine and, if he considers that the employee has been subjected to the company’s threat by his long language, even disciplinary action is possible.

Prevent crises

The best way not to have to worry too much about the sincerity of your employees is to introduce full salary transparency into your company. Employees should know what affects their wages. Remuneration should be granted transparently, taking into account only the competence, seniority and involvement of the employee.

Do not allow employees to find out how much they earn. This never has a positive effect on the atmosphere. If you don’t want your subordinates to boast about their earnings, you can include this in the company’s rules of procedure.

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