Architectural concrete Bettoni an innovative and designer way to finish the interior

Concrete – it would seem: grey, cold, bland. And yet, recently, he has managed to attract a lot of supporters, not only among architects. This material is extremely versatile and at the same time versatile.

The subdued, elegant colouring of the concrete allows it to be used both in exclusive hotel interiors as well as in private homes. Architectural concrete has an uneven structure, and streaks and local discolourations give it even more character.

The technology of production of architectural concrete allows to obtain various degrees of porosity, which combined with four shades: white, black, anthracite and grey, gives a wide range of arrangement possibilities. What is important is that the boards are quite large and do not require any special construction and installation solutions. This significantly reduces installation costs and time.

Architectural concrete slabs can be used almost anywhere – as wall cladding, flooring or even as a façade. The high quality of the products, which are additionally reinforced with glass fibre, guarantees a solid finish, which many people can withstand. The boards are protected against moisture so that they can also be installed in the bathroom. Architectural concrete is resistant to extreme temperatures – it is perfect as a fireplace casing. In turn, it is suitable for stairs on the outside, as architectural concrete is frost resistant and, in itself, non-slip.

More demanding and creative we recommend three-dimensional elements, such as tiles in the shape of a pyramid, pillow or puzzle. They can be freely configured, and the convexity is enhanced by the visual effect.

“Cold” architectural concrete feels very well accompanied by wooden elements that “warm up” its image. Architectural concrete was used not only in the decorative but also in the functional sphere. Furniture and flowerpots made of this material fit almost every interior, while emphasizing its innovative and designer style.

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