Apartment in male style how to arrange it 6 simple rules

Men’s flats are not associated with anything interesting. The stereotype says that they are always cluttered, dust floats everywhere, and the only plants are at most cacti. However, this is a very damaging opinion. A flat in a male style can be well decorated and practical – to the extent that it will appeal even to a woman. Here are 6 simple rules that should guide you in creating an aesthetic, masculine asylum.
Choose simplicity – not only stylistic, but also purely finishing. Cleaning is probably not what you like to do the most, so make sure your floors are bright and of the same material throughout the home. The most practical is the terracotta, which is easy to vacuum and clean. There’s no scratch on it, so you don’t have to worry about having a dog or cat. As few extras as possible – if you have plenty of tissue paper in your apartment, your guests will start to suspect that you are renting an apartment from an old aunt. In addition, various decorations, souvenirs and figurines are the habitat of dust, which must be removed regularly, and it takes a lot of time and is not very pleasant. Choose smooth surfaces and minimum equipment. Decent equipment – the most important room in a man’s apartment? It’s where the big TV, the console and, of course, the audio equipment are. Most guys pay attention to the quality of consumer electronics, especially playing electronics. Orderly speakers, a receiver and, of course, at least 50 inches on the wall are the most masculine elements of the design. Large bed – the men’s apartment must have a place for a separate bedroom. This helps to maintain general order and also provides a bit of privacy in a situation when, for example, you are visited by buddies. The bedroom should contain a large bed with a good mattress. Not just for you, of course. Minimalist cuisine – although there is no shortage of guys who like to cook, you probably still have little time for it. So don’t be afraid to buy a mass of equipment that you can hardly fit on a limited area. Men’s cuisine should be minimalist and tidy, even cold. Place on cupboards without handles, one-colour worktop with a small hob. For this you don’t need a fridge, an oven or a microwave. Class – a male apartment does not have to resemble a cavern at all. Your home space is a testimony to you, so if you wear tidy or even elegant clothes every day, take care of the same decor of the apartment. Focus on very good materials, wood, steel and glass. A great element of the design will be a green wall made of moss (specially prepared so that it does not need to be watered down).
A flat in a male style can and should look impressive. Remember to combine design with practicality to make your life easier.

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