Acne treatment methods

Acne treatment methods

Smooth, healthy skin is the dream of every woman, but most of us struggle with its imperfections. Sometimes it is a matter of introducing a healthier diet and reducing alcohol or sweets. Sometimes – when it comes to a disease such as acne – you should seek help from a specialist. For acne complexion it is not enough to use a cream with eczemas or the best home mask. What are the most effective methods of acne treatment?

Who is at risk of acne?

– Many patients suffer from acne vulgaris. There is no age limit in this disease. Although it occurs most often during puberty, i.e. between 13 and 20 years of age, there is no shortage of patients in their thirties and even forty years of age, nor of very young children. Since acne is a disease, it is necessary to go to a doctor with it.

Depending on the method, which acne will be treated, the therapy will last from a few months to a year. Usually, the first effects of the treatment are noticeable already during its course – assures the Specialist. Is there a risk of recurrence of the disease? Unfortunately, yes. There are patients who after one dermatological treatment enjoy beautiful, healthy skin without acne for the rest of their lives. There are also some people with acne returning after some time – e.g. after a year. If this happens, the dermatologist will recommend an appropriate treatment – either a treatment similar to the previous one, or a completely new type of treatment. This is always an individual matter. Check: acne treatment.

Causes of acne

Are we able to reduce the risk of acne in us or in our adolescent children? Of course, the formation of acne is related to hormonal fluctuations when increased reactivity of the sebaceous glands to excess androgens occurs. It also appears in connection with excessive multiplication of bacteria, cornification of sebaceous gland estuaries and sebaceous gland hypertrophy – explained the doctor.

Inheritance is not without significance, either. Acne has a genetic basis, so there is a relatively good chance that it will also appear when it was a problem that appeared in our parents. In such a situation it may appear, but fortunately it does not have to.

Treatment under the supervision of a dermatologist is the safest and quickest way to regain a healthy skin with a uniform colour. This does not mean that certain factors do not exacerbate the course of the disease. We have full influence on some of them.

Hormones. In the premenstrual period, about 60-70 percent of women show a worsening of acne lesions.

Diet. Discussions on the influence of diet (especially carbohydrates) on the course of acne are still ongoing. Dietary-related exacerbations seem rare and affect a small percentage of patients. However, there are single reports of acne lesions exacerbation by the consumed dairy products. This is probably related to the use of hormonal preparations as a feed additive for pigs and the different from the natural rhythm of milk production in cows. 3. 3. Sunshine.

The sun. Similar controversies concern the influence of sunlight on skin condition in people with acne. Currently, there is no evidence that solar radiation has an unambiguously beneficial or negative effect on acne lesions.

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