A women’s suit not to be missed in your wardrobe

Everyone knows that an elegant man should have at least one perfectly cut suit. Men’s fashion, however, is increasingly mixed with women’s, the best example of which is the growing popularity of suits for women. It’s a great piece of clothing that you can wear not only in the office or for a business meeting. The women’s suit is the basis for many, even less official, styles.

How to choose a women’s suit?

The most important thing is that it should be very well tailored to your silhouette. If you are low, choose trousers that do not reach into your shoes, but slightly expose the pad. The taller ladies will look great in the trousers down or Âľ. If you have a nice, slim figure, you can choose between cigarillos – a pant shape that will emphasise your nice bottom and slim legs.

As far as the jacket is concerned, experiments can be afforded here. Oversize sleeves, which are very wide and clearly too long, are very fashionable. However, they do not necessarily match official situations. That’s why if you’re looking for a suit for the office in particular, wear a well-fitting jacket and roll up your sleeves, if necessary, to make your hair look lighter and more creative.

Which shoes?

Pins! This type of footwear fits perfectly with the women’s suit, complementing the sexy style. Remember that a good colour combination is very important. Put on the red pins in the dark suit, e.g. black. It will be very impressive and feminine. White or beige suits, on the other hand, are best matched with classic black pins.


If you want to create a less formal summer style, you can replace the pins with light heeled sandals.

Which blouse?

Here everything depends on the occasion. If you are planning to wear a suit for an official meeting or an office, wear a classic shirt, possibly without a collar. For less formal situations, a t-shirt with an interesting print or a creative slogan will be a good choice. We also strongly recommend the colour contrast. Blouses and t-shirts can be very different in colour from suits – e.g. the combination of yellow and black or pink and white looks really interesting.

Don’t forget to add extras

The women’s suit should be supplemented with some expressive addition. Model yourself on men’s fashion, but replace a tie with a spectacular scarf or a neck strap. Also the wide-brimmed hat, large sunglasses and contrasting-coloured envelope bags are perfect for the suit.

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