A trendy child at school This is a task for you

If anyone says that school is not a place for fashion, it is not worth listening to. Fashionable dress doesn’t have to mean gazing at wealth or shocking teachers. Fashion has different faces and its main task is to combine style with convenience. That’s why, when completing a daily wardrobe for your child, make sure that it’s not dull, colourless or simply boring. Give her a comforting opportunity to stand out positively from the crowd and feel confident among her peers. You don’t have to spend any money on it. It is enough to follow a few basic rules.
First of all: comfortable!
You must not forget that you are still dealing with a child who will spend many hours at school, move between rooms, walk on WF and run in a hallway or on the pitch. That is why it is important to be comfortable to wear a fashionable wardrobe for schoolchildren. If your child feels unwell in jeans, go to school in a drain or in leggings. These elements of the outfit can also look great.
Make sure that the clothes you choose do not obstruct your baby’s movements. If your child thinks all day about a collar that is too tight or sleeves too narrow, her education will suffer. That is: fashion YES, but comfort YES x 2.
We mentioned that school is not an inappropriate place to present a conscious, fashionable style. However, it is not a fashion show or disco either. That’s why you should be very careful when choosing clothes for your child. If this is a toddler who is just beginning his education, then his appearance will not be so important for him. It will be more important to make friends and gain acceptance within the group. Clothes that are too original could prevent this.
In the case of an older child, it is very reasonable to combine a fashionable look with tidiness. Put on clothes with an interesting cut, but a subdued colorist – it does not mean that boring! If you can, choose good quality clothes. They will last longer and your child will look better in them as well.
Do not impose your opinion on the child.
A school-age child can already express his or her opinion in quite concrete terms about what clothes he or she likes and dislikes. Go shopping together – it will be a very nice experience (although it can also be nervous, especially with a capricious girl). You can suggest some solutions, share your experience, but get rid of the parental manner of dressing children as they themselves would like to look at their age. That is not the way to go.
Completing a school wardrobe is a big challenge, because you have to reconcile different interests. Follow our advice, and it will certainly come out fashionably, neatly and comfortably.

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