A simple way to refresh your living room design

It is not always necessary to decide for a thorough renovation in order to refresh the arrangement of the living room and introduce a refreshing breath of fresh air into it. Often, a small change is enough to completely change the character and climate of the interior. Of course, the simplest solution would be to replace all the furniture and paint the walls, but not everyone has such a possibility. This is because it involves both time and a considerable burden on the budget. A quicker and cheaper way is to choose new, interesting add-ons.
Enrich your interior…
Additions to flats play a very important role – they give it cosiness, create an atmosphere and mood, diversify the arrangement, can emphasize the character and style of the people living in it. They can be strictly decorative, but they can also be an important functional element. If you are bored with the interior design of your room and can’t afford a thorough renovation – the selection of new accessories will help you to refresh the interior visually and even change its climate dramatically.
The accessories that build the character of the interior are not only pictures on the walls, climatic lighting or tissue paper to be placed. It is also an interesting colorful sofa bed, beautiful decorative pillow, coffee table or a comfortable armchair. The whole is composed of many details, which skillfully combined with each other, create an atmosphere, beautifully complete the whole set and create your own individual style.
Cozy pillow
A quick way to give your living room a new look is to buy decorative cushions. The choice is huge – whether in terms of colours, patterns or type of fabric. Whether knitted, braided, velvet or velvet – depending on what you choose, you can make it a vivid and energetic visual element, eye-catching, highlighting the line and bringing out the colour of the piece of furniture or, on the contrary, drowning it or giving the room a more austere atmosphere.
How to choose a decorative pillow for a corner or sofa? Everything depends on what effect you want to achieve. The cushion in contrasting, vivid, decisive colour or with a clear pattern will give the furniture a character and will play a major role in this relaxing duo. The cushion in a subdued, pastel, calm shade will gently emphasize the subtlety and comfort of the piece of furniture, blending with it into one visual whole.
The pillow will not only be a decorative element. When placed under the head it will serve as a headrest (0 in a sitting position) or a headrest (in a lying position), and when placed under the lumbar section of the spine – it will give you a moment of respite if you spend a lot of time at your computer.
Functional pouffe
Another element that will enrich your interior is a comfortable pouffe or stool in the same tone as the sofa or matched to the color of the cushions. This is a very practical piece of furniture. Not only does it decorate, but it can also perform a few additional functions.
You were suddenly visited by a large group of friends? The Puff will be used as an additional seat. Do you have heavy and tired legs after the whole day? Attach the couch to the sofa or armchair and make it a comfortable footstool. Don’t you have a place to put down newspapers, glasses or books? Transform your pouffe into a handy table. And if you have a container inside, use it to store your remote controls or other handy items.
Puffets may differ in style, shape and design. There are traditional cube-shaped cubes, round cubes and also cubes on tall wooden or chromium-plated legs with an additional container under the seat. Choose a piece of furniture to suit your needs, and in an interesting way you will complete the arrangement of your living room.
Unleash your creativity and play with colours.
By combining different colours, textures and shapes, and by selecting the right accessories, you can achieve amazing results. If you are a supporter of minimalism and like interiors that are highly ordered, visually unnoticeable – choose accessories in a similar colour tone, so that they create a coherent composition. If you want to add an “energetic kick” to your interior, choose expressive, juicy colours or striking patterns. Combine different elements, play with texture and shapes to create an inspiring living space where you can relax.

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