A shower cabin can be for everyone but only if you know how to choose it

Shower or bath? It turns out to be one of the most important dilemmas when it comes to decorating a bathroom. The shower is practical, it will work well especially in a small room. It only needs to be matched to the bathroom and the needs of the household, so before buying it, you should consider a few issues that will make it easier to choose a shower cabin.
Advantages of the shower enclosure
Convenience and economy are the main reasons for buying a shower cubicle. For small rooms it is very important that the shower is practical, easy to install and takes up as little space as possible. The ideal shower cabin should also fit in with the interior and the decor of the bathroom, so the choice should be well thought out. What is worth paying attention to in order to get the best option for yourself?
Room size
One of the most important factors when choosing a cab is the size of the bathroom. In smaller interiors, corner cabins, which take up very little space, maintain spaciousness and give the possibility of an interesting arrangement, will be the best solution. In addition, they are easy to install and clean. When looking for the best model, special attention should be paid to the size of the base and the height.
A 90Ă—90 cm shower enclosure or an 80Ă—80 cm shower enclosure with less space is considered to be optimal. Many manufacturers offer cabins with irregular dimensions, e.g. 80×100 shower cabins. Before choosing a cabinet, you should consider where you want to place it and how much bathroom space you can use for it. A lot of space in the bathroom saves the recessed option. An interesting solution can be a so-called bath screen or a bathtub cabin, which is a combination of a bathtub and a shower. A freestanding cabin is ideal for large bathrooms.
Convenience and comfort
When choosing the best solution for our bathroom, the comfort of use should also be taken into account. The cabin size and width must allow full freedom of movement during the bath. When choosing a shower, you should pay attention to the way the door is opened so that it is comfortable, does not take up too much space and does not interfere with other elements of the bathroom. The shower should be made of high quality materials, which will allow comfortable use and ensure durability of the cabin.
Bathroom design
Regardless of the shape or size of the cab, the appearance of the cab is, of course, important. It should match the design and style of the bathroom and our individual preferences. Attention should be paid to details and details of the cabin finish. For example, the 90×90 shower cabin from KoĹ‚o is made of elegant tempered glass with Reflex coating and silver-gloss profiles, making it a modern and elegant addition to any bathroom.
The needs of members of the household
When choosing a cabin, it is worth taking into account the needs of its users and checking if, for example, it does not have additional solutions that we will not use anyway. It is worth to take an interest in them, because they have a huge impact on the comfort of use, e.g. on the ease of maintaining the cabin cleanliness. Additional possibilities also affect the price of the cabin, its size or construction method, so it is better to eliminate those elements that are not needed at once.
Finally, it is worth remembering:

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