A review of a girl’s blouse from a 51015 store

Supplier: Online shop 5-10-15
The purchase of a long-sleeved blouse for a girl.
Our opinion:
Some time ago, we ordered three blouses in size 122 for a girl (six years old) from the 5-10-15 chain, a well-known online shop. Delivery has been carried out efficiently and we have no objections to the purchase process itself. Unfortunately, after opening the package it turned out that ALL blouses differ significantly in size. The biggest problem is the length of the sleeves and the cut.
We would like to emphasize that we ordered BLUZKI, not blouses and tunics. The picture clearly shows that the clothes are not even the same size. The result is that the daughter cannot carry two of the three blouses she ordered, because they are simply far too big. We do not like to freeze our money, which is why this situation has annoyed us exceptionally.
It is obvious that clothes, even if they are theoretically the same size, can vary in size. However, this should not be the case with products from THIS SAME manufacturer. It is difficult to understand what size criteria the 5-10-15 store uses for their clothing, which is illogical and unnecessarily misleading for parents and exposes them to costs.
We did not advertise the purchase (we had the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 working days – purchase over the Internet). When her daughter grows, both blouses will be good for her. Fortunately, we have here universal clothes (for winter, spring, autumn, even cooler summer), but if it were about a winter jacket, we would have to return the goods.
This is not the first problem that we have encountered in connection with shopping in the online store 5-10-15. The next one will be described in a separate review.

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