A HIT blouse with a blend of light and light but KIT can also be used

The blouse can be a great element of a very fashionable lookup, but only under certain conditions. Impersonally selected for styling or worn by a slightly fuller lady, it is a simple step towards fashion catastrophe. How should you wear transparent material? On what occasions does such a choice fit? Here are our tips.
Ciuch for very conscious women
The blouse, called a transparent blouse in the fashion world, is undoubtedly controversial. Founded by a young girl who can boast of an outstanding body, it will make her an object of desire and a real vamp. The conclusion is simple – watch out for such hairstyles if your figure is far from perfect, or at least the norm.
Of course, not every shading blouse discovers the whole body. There are cuts from which only certain batches can be seen. This is an opportunity for women who have problems with certain parts of their bodies. If, for example, you have a great abdomen and bust, but a large shoulder, choose a blouse that shines through at the height of your torso and chest, but covers your hands.
Similarly, women with slender hands, but not very impressive trunk, can afford the clearances. Then the blouse will optically slip down and emphasize the strongest points of your figure.
A blooming blouse? What is also important underneath is the following
It is very important that you do not wear a transparent blouse on a completely naked body and bra. Such a style is too courageous in most situations and many people may associate it with vulgarism. That’s why you should use something else.
A great idea will be a very nice top on shoulder straps, necessarily in a fleshy colour. It will also look fashionable and elegant – it always looks better than a classic bra.
overlap sth.
If you like translucent blouses but don’t want to expose your body too much, you can easily add an eye-catching jacket to your hairstyle. It’s a very sexy combination. On colder days, a sweater will also be a good idea.
Instead of a jacket or jacket you can of course choose a jacket – then the blouse will look awesome and shine through on your shoulders and hands.
Not for every occasion
Undoubtedly, a shading blouse is not a dream piece of clothing for official occasions. So never set it up for an office or a business meeting because you will not look very professional.
It is also better not to risk going out in such a blouse for an important family celebration. You don’t want to be the object of rumors for all your aunts, don’t you? If you insist, remember to cover your body with a top or a shelf and to put on a vest or a jacket.
In such a case, under what circumstances does the shading look best? This hairstyle is a great fit for a party in younger company, for informal social gatherings and, of course, for a date. Generally, wherever you want to look sexy and whenever you want to show your confidence.

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