A building plot in a floodplain or it is worth buying

The title question may sound absurd. After all, building a house in a floodplain is extremely irresponsible, not to write, stupid. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of plots of land willing to buy, which are exposed to the direct effects of floods. The reason is simple: a very attractive price, which can sometimes overshadow risk awareness. So, is it worth buying a building plot in the floodplain? What formalities is involved?

The advantages of such a location are

A building plot located in a floodplain has basically only two advantages. The first is the very low purchase price, which appeals to the imagination of those looking for land for pricelessness.

The second advantage is that such plots are usually beautifully located and far from other buildings. It is idyllic and angelic. Those who dream of moving out of town and living in unspoiled natural surroundings are always interested in such lands, even if they are aware of the real risk of flooding.

The drawbacks are obvious

We don’t have to explain what it means to buy a building plot in a floodplain. Even if one manages to build a house on it (which is not at all certain – about it later in the article), life with the awareness that one can lose one’s possessions at any time is far from comfort. What about the beautiful circumstances of nature, when a rainy summer is enough to tremble for your safety?

It is this institution that issues decisions on the definition of requirements and conditions for development in flood-prone areas. If the owner decides that the risk of flooding is too high, he will not be granted a building permit. It will stay with land that in practice is not suitable for anything.

Be careful what you are buying!

If you have found an offer to sell a building plot at a very attractive price, it is necessary to make sure that it is not located in a floodplain. The dealers often hide this fact, as long as they get rid of the problematic ground. In the past, they have been refused investment and are now looking for naĂŻve buyers “outrageously”.

Buying such a plot without checking whether you can build a house on it at all bears a huge risk. You will potentially spend money on land that can at most be a nice meadow. That is why it is always a bad idea to buy a building plot in a floodplain. A very attractive price should not exclude thinking.

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