6 best countries for technology start-ups in 2017

Every year the list of the best countries to start their business activity changes. The legal environment, state support and the availability of venture capital are just some of the factors that make a country attractive. Here are the 6 best countries for technology start-ups in 2017 according to the Startup Genome report.


India is one of the most important countries for start-up companies in terms of financing and investment transactions. In 2015, risk capital financing for Indian enterprises amounted to around USD 7,3 billion. In 2016, the Indian government launched a $1.5bn start-up fund. This aid consisted of new tax credits for companies and an 80 % discount on the costs incurred in obtaining patents.


According to a BSA study, more than $1.3 billion was invested in start-ups in 2016. In addition, most young companies have the potential to become large companies due to the huge market. In Brazil, a government programme has been launched which invests up to USD 87,000 in selected projects. The selection is made by institutions such as SEED and Startup Rio.


The main start-up centres are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. According to KFW, more than 760,000 start-up companies are already registered in Germany. This strong growth is mainly due to the strength of the German economy. An additional advantage is also a very large number of business incubators.

According to EY data, annual investments in the start-up market amount to 11-12 billion USD. In addition, the state intends to provide EUR 2 billion over the next 10 years to help launch its own business.


Singapore is a country with a very business-oriented climate. The government intends to allocate more than USD 4 million this year to the technological development of start-ups. More than 400 Venture Capital operates on the market. An additional advantage, especially for technology companies, are very fast communication links.


The United States is one of the best places to develop your own business. Nearly 500,000 new companies are established there every year. This contributed to the creation of many start-up centres, including one of the best known – Silicon Valley. In 2016, more than $586 billion was invested in American start-ups. In addition, the U.S. government offers unlimited support, grants, and tax incentives.


The UK recorded a record 650,000 new business in 2016. The digital technology industry, on the other hand, was worth over USD 170 billion. Environmental start-ups are very much supported by the government. It offers tax breaks, loans, but also programmes to support young companies such as SEIS, Innovate UK.

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