5 key moments when it is worth to start PR

Running one’s own business is a considerable challenge. We have to face up to a huge number of formalities and, at the same time, plan for the future and for the development of our business. Thus, some things, such as PR and marketing activities, sometimes take a back seat. Sooner or later, however, the moment comes when they are extremely important for the future development of the company.

People setting up their own businesses usually put sales and customer acquisition first. They often care about time and do not fully understand why they are being PRed, understood as regular communication with their surroundings, their presence in social media and image building planned in a time perspective.

The company founders often do this themselves, for example by posting posts on Facebook from time to time, or by entrusting one of the already employed people with them as an additional thing to do, as it were “by the way”. Of course, this is not a completely bad idea and everything depends on the industry and the size of the organization, but there are moments when you should take care of building a long-term PR strategy and focus more on the image of the company in the media. Below are examples of situations in which it is worth to find an additional budget for professional activities.

Attention of potential investors

Money is essential for the development of startups. Many young, creative entrepreneurs face the problem of finding an investor who will enable them to develop. If there are positive materials in the media about the project, the chances of success will increase significantly. The activity recommended in such a case is expert positioning, i.e. creating an entrepreneur as a specialist in a given industry. Proving that this company is an investment not only in the original idea, but also in a man with great potential. A well-thought-out strategy will allow you to be present where potential investors or fund managers reach for reliable information.

Official start in a new country and start of ongoing activities

Entering a new market is a natural moment of commencing promotional activities. The involvement of a good PR agency may prove crucial, especially in the case of a clear specificity of clients or media in a given country. It can not only carry out promotion in the media, but also help in discerning a new, often unknown reality, planning in advance what and to whom to communicate. A frequent mistake is a situation in which for many months after the first information, there is no news on the Internet and in the press. PR activities are to consist in the ongoing building of the brand image and relations with the media. The consequence of promoting the name and what the company does specifically should be to inform the media about its actions, according to a schedule and strategy, depending on the type of activity.

Introduction of a new product

The official premiere or launch of a new product is a great opportunity to attract journalists. It is also the moment when various special actions can be initiated, which may bring benefits in the future. The press conference will allow us to present the possibilities of our solution or service, but it will also allow us to meet directly with journalists from our industry. That is why it is worth betting on originality and innovative ideas when organizing the event. On the occasion of the introduction of Tesla to the iTaxi fleet, the company, in cooperation with PR Calling, organized a conference at which it was possible to conduct an individual interview with President Lech Kaniuk of iTaxi precisely in the new car created by Elon Musk.

Interest of potential employees

Taking care of public relations activities will be particularly important when one thinks about hiring new employees. Then it is worth to take care of employer branding. The employer verifies potential candidates in terms of their CVs and cover letters, and the employee can look online for information about the company. If you come across information about a bad atmosphere, delays in paying your salary, or read other unflattering articles, you may even opt out of sending your application.

Commencement of other marketing activities

It is a good idea to synchronize PR activities with other marketing activities. The first media hype about the company always arouses interest, and people associated with the industry can start looking for information on Facebook, among others. That is why at a similar time it is worth starting with developing channels in social media and taking care of other forms of advertising, not only on the Internet. A potential customer remembers individual messages much more often if they reach him/her from different angles. Thus, the launch of differentiated marketing activities can have excellent results if appropriately planned PR contributes to this.

There is no shortage of situations in which it is worth initiating such activities. It should be remembered, however, that regardless of when with

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