5 books written by businessmen worth reading

Many successful businessmen very often share their invaluable knowledge about running their own business. A practical look at an entrepreneur who has gone from zero to millionaire motivates to act, provides valuable information and avoids errors and minimises risks. The editors of MamBiznes.pl decided to present 5 interesting books written by entrepreneurs.

“Winning means winning” Jack Welch

The book is divided into three parts. The first focuses on leadership, selecting winners and bringing about change. The next chapter, in turn, describes competition and contains chapters on strategy, mergers and six sigma, among others. The final part concerns advice on achieving a balance between work and personal life.

“#Szefowa” Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the head of the online store Nasty Gal. When writing the book, she decided to reveal the secret of the success of the Internet fashion empire worth 240 million dollars. He is considered to be the most outstanding contemporary retailer. Today, it has more than 550,000 customers worldwide and earns $100 million annually. In the book he describes how it reached such a high level. She also mentions that she gave up her studies and never worked as an employee.

“Give others luck: The path of passion, profit and purpose” Tony Hsieh

In his book “Give others luck: The path of passion, profit and purpose”, the author gives advice, among other things, to end the traditional business networking and start to surround himself with friends. He also argues that by focusing on the happiness of others, the chance of being happy is increased.

“Who: Employment methods” by Geoff Smart and Randy Stree

Geoff Smart is the CEO of GhSmart and Randy Stree is the managing partner. The book describes practical and effective tips on how to deal with one of the biggest problems of modern business, namely recruitment failure. The authors claim that such recruitment errors cost companies up to $1.5 million a year and thousands of hours lost.

“Nothing to lose, everything to win: Like a gang member, I became a multimillionaire entrepreneur” Ryan Blair.

The author of the book began as a member of a gang in Los Angeles. However, he abandoned his criminal activities and, at the age of 21, set up a company to become a millionaire. In the book, he tells the story of his experience.

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