10 Swedish start-ups worth seeing

Sweden has been generating an impressive number of innovations and start-ups for years. After all, Stockholm, the country’s capital, is one of the top ten cities to do its own business in. Young entrepreneurs receive a lot of support, not only from the state, but also from the church. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the Swedish start-up scene. EU-startups.com presented 10 start-ups from this Scandinavian country, which are worth seeing in 2018. In the same way, we start a review of start-ups from the point of view of their country of establishment. The first thing that comes out of the fire is Sweden.


Unity developed an innovative urban electric car in 2016. It is intended to be offered for two, four and five people. The body is to be made of carbon fibre. In this vehicle you will also be able to feel like a pilot of an aircraft, because of the possibility of replacing the steering wheel with a joystick. With this solution, there are not only the steering wheel but also the pedals.

The basic price is to be EUR 14.9 thousand. The plan assumes production of 50 thousand cars. The first ones are to be sold in 2019, but the start-up already has over 1000 orders.


The initial investment in renewable energy sources is always high, and that is what Trine wants to do. It is a fintech company established in Gothenburg in 2015, which provides low-interest loans for the purchase of solar panels, particularly in Africa. The capital necessary to finance investments is raised from people who want to invest their own funds. So we can say that start-up created an innovative crowdfunding model.


Dooer is another Fintech on the list. Founded in 2015 in Stockholm, it wants to make life easier for small business owners and their employees through an innovative accounting program. Thanks to it, all accounting tasks can be carried out with a single click.

Just Arrived

Sweden is one of the European countries to receive the largest number of Syrian refugees. It was thanks to them that Just Arrived’s start-up was created. They have developed an application that helps to find housing, work and work for immigrants. The company mainly earns money from adding ads and positioning them. The application is available in English, Swedish, Persian, Arabic. In addition, more languages are still being added.


Start-up fights the waste of food all over the world. It has offered an application that helps restaurants, grocery stores and cafes reduce wasted food by selling their surpluses to consumers at reduced prices. Karma cooperates with more than 400 food suppliers in more than 1,000 locations and has more than 250,000 users in Sweden and the UK. Since the beginning of 2015, they have saved more than 15,000 kg of food.

Resolution games

The company, founded in 2015, has already achieved great success. The team created the game based on VR technology – “Bait! In Sweden it became very popular and the number of downloads exceeded 2 million. On the wave of this success, the investor appeared in the form of Google Ventures. It was their first European investment.


It is a Swedish company that is one of the world’s pioneers in the supply of biotech for 3D bioprinters. In addition, it also manufactures such equipment. His account includes, among others, the INCREDIBLE and INCREDIBLE+ printers. In two years, their products have appeared in more than 40 countries.


Start-up was established in 2015 with the creation of Neo Health. It is a digital health care system in the form of medical diagnostic software. Start-up tries to improve healthcare by improving quality and saving valuable time for medical staff. Patients answer their questions via the application and with the help of artificial intelligence, a diagnosis appears.


It is a Swedish online shop NA-KD.com with clothes and shoes for women. It was founded by Jarno Vanhatapio in 2015. Their model of operation is based mainly on cooperation with Internet creators from all over the world. The author’s fashion collections in cooperation with the platform are created by well-known bloggers. In 2017 it was named the fastest growing start-up in Europe. At the same time, it also entered the Polish market.


Aifloo is a health start-up that has developed the SmartCare self-study programme for the elderly and disabled. Aifloo collects information on a person’s behaviour through an intelligent wristband and sensors around the house. The system learns about a person’s daily habits and can notify someone via the application if a problem is detected.

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