10 most interesting start-ups from Japan

Japan is a country that is a symbol of innovation and new technologies. In the country of cherry blossoms, companies and products have been created that successfully deal with the global market. Here is a list of 10 most interesting Japanese start-ups.


They have created an insurance offer for the owners of electronic devices. Thanks to a special application, they can register defective devices within 90 seconds. Additionally, the service is quite cheap – from $2 to $5 per month.

Although they made their debut in December last year, they have already gained great popularity in Japan.


Japanese start-up creates games based on AR technology. In addition, it creates places where players can meet and play together. At the moment, there are several such places all over Japan, but according to the creators, more of them are to be created.

Hideout Cluster

For $13 per month, you can become a member of the Hideout Club app. In return, you are entitled to one free drink a day, which you can get in about 80 locations in the heart of Tokyo. Initially, the start-up focused only on Whisky enthusiasts, but for some time now other types of alcohols have been on offer. Interestingly, would such a business be profitable in Poland?

D Free

Start-up Triple W is the creator of D Free. It helps to detect any disturbing changes in the intestines. The device was developed especially for the aging population of Japan. This will allow them to respond much earlier to potential serious health problems.


This is an English language learning application for primary school students. The artists decided to focus on learning in groups with the participation of native speakers, but everything is done electronically.

Despite its short activity (for several months) in October, the start-up achieved a profit of 480,000 USD!


Start-up has created a professional calendar for parents. But it all starts a year earlier. With the help of a special application, young parents take at least one photograph per month for their child. Thanks to this you can get a calendar with pictures and remind what your child looked like exactly one year before.


Start-up is a bridge that connects people living in towns and villages. Thanks to the application developed by them, people from cities can buy food products directly from the farmer.


Who had no problem collecting money from their friends? Japanese start-up Yoropay has decided to solve this problem. The application uses the simplest accounting techniques. Simply enter who owes what, how much and for what. The debtor will then be informed of his obligation. In addition, the application will remind you of debts until they are paid. You can also connect your payment card to the application, thanks to which you can deposit the money you have borrowed at the push of a button.


This intelligent robot is significantly different from Alex or the popular Cortana robot – it is more human. It will provide you with all the important information, for example: current weather, sleep time, etc. An additional function is also the ability to manage your own home. This allows you to easily prepare fresh coffee in the morning.


This is the solution for pets at home. Thanks to it, owners can check what they are doing or feed them with a single button on their phone.

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