Personal data in marketing ecommerce

When operating your own online shop, remember to comply with the relevant standards and to consider certain aspects that may affect your future compliance with the law. The use of e-mail marketing is also part of this. The vast majority, almost 90%, of owners of Internet enterprises use the so-called.

Cosplay or fashion to be sb

Cosplay is a phenomenon that many people have heard about, but they don’t know much about what it really is. This fashion was born already in the 1930s in the United States (not in Japan) and spread all over the world. Cosplay is about dressing up as a favorite character.

Can bank charges be tax deductible

Every entrepreneur who accounts with the tax authorities on a general or flat-rate basis has the right to reduce the tax base by the so-called tax deductible costs. Many companies are looking for them wherever they can, not always in accordance with the regulations, and are therefore at risk of.

10 Swedish start-ups worth seeing

Sweden has been generating an impressive number of innovations and start-ups for years. After all, Stockholm, the country’s capital, is one of the top ten cities to do its own business in. Young entrepreneurs receive a lot of support, not only from the state, but also from the church. That’s.

Apartment in male style how to arrange it 6 simple rules

Men’s flats are not associated with anything interesting. The stereotype says that they are always cluttered, dust floats everywhere, and the only plants are at most cacti. However, this is a very damaging opinion. A flat in a male style can be well decorated and practical – to the extent.

Wearing a baby shirt is it worth buying

If you are a mother or expect a baby, you’ve certainly heard of the so-called headscarf. It is a method promoted by psychologists of wearing a tiny child on the abdomen in a tightly tied sling. This is not a novelty – this is how their children have been living.