Personalized medicine in oncology

Oncology is a field of medicine dealing with the recognition and treatment of cancer diseases. Personalised medicine, on the other hand, is a concept based on understanding the differences between patients suffering from the same disease and, at the same time, learning about the complexity of diseases. The application of.

noninvasive fetal genetic testing

Harmony test – non-invasive fetal genetic test Prenatal tests make it possible to check whether your child is developing correctly during pregnancy. If it has any abnormalities, they are detected by prenatal diagnostics – moreover, it allows to determine the cause of these abnormalities or to determine how to deal.

Is it worthwhile to additionally insure your child when he or she is already insured at school

Family Child accident insurance is a voluntary policy. Despite its non-mandatory nature, most educational institutions require insurance for their pupils. However, many parents are wondering about taking out an additional individual policy. Is this necessary and cost-effective? We explain. The child’s standard accident insurance is usually taken out in the.